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Frequently asked questions

inROze combines upcoming gigs and released mixtapes/podcasts of local Deejays and present them in an easy to "follow" manner. You can then browse through the Deejays you follow and the mixtapes you added to your list. You can quickly decide to visit a venue where your favorite local Deejays are performing, and as easily listen to their latest mixtapes in your car, during a commute or your workout.

inROze is kept simple, especially since the concept is simple. You've experienced a DJ live and wish to catch him/her again, just add him as one of your "follows". All his/her gigs will be listed in the ‘follows’ section chronologically. You enjoyed a mixtape, podcast, live recording from your favorite Deejay, you can add it to your list, and so it is quickly available.

inROze's "like" system is pretty much about you. Your ‘follows’ and your mixtapes list are not shared with other users. So there is no way to "like" (in the social term) something, per se.

inROze's concept doesn't permit the offline listening to mixtapes and podcasts. A Wi-Fi connection or a data-plan is necessary to use this App.

It is not possible to download a mixtape or podcast to your device. This app is not design with such feature.

inROze was designed to be a break from the social network and interactions. It's about you and what you like. No other user knows which and how many mixtapes are on your list, and which Deejays you are following. There is plenty of other apps that facilitate this, no need to have one more.

If you like a Deejay and want the world to know about it, GO OUT and catch him/her in the venues where (s)he's performing, that will show your support. And if you’ve enjoyed one of their mixtapes, just talk to him/her.

We are trying our best to keep the information as accurate as possible, but we are merely displaying information we gather from third parties. We are as up-to-date as the information they provide.

In other cases, our algorithm might have produced a "false positive" and here you are supposed to perform at an event. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please use our feedback form and let us know and we’ll do our best to fix it.

In this case, there can be several reasons

  1. Your Deejay name is not in our database
  2. Our algorithm has produced a "false negative"
  3. The Venue didn't list you in their advertisement or might have misspelled your name

In the 2 first cases, please send us a message using our feedback form. For the last case, you should contact the promoter or the person in charge of the marketing for that event.

I, myself, have been a Deejay for nearly 20 years and for as far as I can remember; my followers always had 2 questions:

  • Where are you DJ-ing next?
  • Where can I get/hear your mixtapes?

So I decided to create inROze.

It originates from the French saying "La Vie En Rose", literally translates to "Life in pink". The actual English translation would most likely be "Seeing life through rose-colored glasses", or a state where everything appears cheerful and joyful to you. And then I was happy with the spelling of inROze.

The original idea was centered on that concept of "music" regardless of the performer. There are still lots of challenging issues that prevents us from expending to singers and bands. It is not per se in the pipeline, but for sure it's on the drawing board.

We're sorry if INROZE's coverage has yet to include your city. We are working on perfecting the app in our current cities, and will be adding new Capital Cities on an irregular basis. If you wish to have your City, please used the feedback form and send us a message in support for your City.

We are doing our best to locate and find relevant deejays, and it’s a work that we are doing manually at the time being. As we are scouting the Internet to find our information, there is a chance that we might have missed him/her. Then your Deejay must have an active presence online (facebook, twitter, mixcloud, soundcloud), the spelling of his/her name must be consistent for our algorithm to find him/her.

You can always send us a message in the feedback section with as much information (URLs, handles, etc.) as you can.

INROZE is primarily focused around “following your music”; venues are not the focal point. Only venues hosting events / happenings featuring DJs present in our database will appear in the App. We were not trying to re-invent the wheel (e.g. facebook events, pages, location)

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